EMG/NCS plays an integral role in evaluation of patients with disorders of the muscles, nerves, and neuromuscular junction. The concept is to diagnose neuromuscular disorders by electrophysiological means.
No other test could measure the function (not the anatomy) of the peripheral nervous system like the EMG/NCS.


Dr. Shaibani is board certified in both; neurophysiology and electrodiagnositc medicine, the highest certifications in this field. He is also a fellow of the American association of the neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic medicne.

Cases that are referred to the Nerve and Muscle Center of Texas are usually complicated and need detailed neurophysiological evaluation such as:

  1. Brachial plexus injuries or pathology
  2. Motor neuron diseases
  3. Myopathies
  4. Inflammatory neuropathies.
  5. Peripheral nerve injuries.
  6. Myasthenia gravis
  7. Neuromyotonia
  8. Myotonia
  9. Fasciculations
  10. Stiff person syndrome

The procedure is usually tolerated well.

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