The center is unique in providing a spectrum of medical services in one location. Often, patients who are referred for difficult neuromuscular syndromes, fly or drive in to Houston and stay in a hotel or a motel in Texas medical center and visit the Nerve and Muscle Center of Texas one or more times during which their extensive medical records are reviewed, a detailed history is obtained, and a through neurological and neuromuscular examination are conducted.

If needed, they may undergo an electrodiagnostic evaluation, forearm ischemic exercise testing, muscle, nerve, and skin biopsies, autonomic testing, and blood testing for different genetic and metabolic disorders.

After the evaluation process is completed, and according to the request of the referring physicians and the availability of therapeutic options in their hometowns, they may receive therapeutic interventions in the center such as intravenous gamma globulin, Plasmapheresis, botulinum toxin injections, and genetic counseling.

Patients are also given opportunities to participate in our many active clinical trials in different disorders.