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Phone: 713-795-0033
Fax: 713-796-9302

6624 Fannin Street
Suite # 1670
Houston, TX 77030

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The Nerve and Muscle Center of Texas is a Referral-Based Practice

  1. Before any appointment can be scheduled in our clinic, we will need a formal referral faxed to our office, 877-935-8122 or 713-796-9302, directly from the referring provider. *This is not an insurance referral/authorization, this is a referral for services*
  2. The referral can come from a specialist or a primary care physician (PCP) and must include the reason for referral, complete patient demographic and insurance information, and all medical records to include test results that are related to the reason for referral
  3. If the patient has an HMO or POS insurance policy, we will not be able to schedule their appointment until we receive an insurance authorization. An insurance authorization is separate from the initial referral and must be obtained by the patient’s PCP. It is the patient’s responsibility to contact their PCP and have this faxed to our office.
  4. Once the complete referral and insurance authorization, if needed, is received it will be reviewed by our office and we will reach out to the patient to schedule the appropriate appointment type.