Richard J. Barohn, MD
Professor and Chairman
Department of neurology
University of Kansas Medical Center

“I have been enormously impressed by the outstanding neuromuscular clinical care and research performed at the nerve and muscle center of Texas. There are very few centers in the country that have the ability to do both; care for patients with complex neuromuscular disorders and also give them the opportunity to engage in cutting edge clinical trials. Dr Shabani has created a world-class full service neuromuscular center that is a credit to the Houston medical community.”

wolfe gil2

Gil I. Wolfe, MD, FAAN
Professor of Neurology
Dr. Bob and Jean Smith Foundation Distinguished Chair
Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

“The Nerve and Muscle Center of Texas is directed by a close colleague of mine and provides an important, top-notch clinical service for patients with neuromuscular disease in the Houston area and South Texas. In addition to offering state-of-the-art care for patients impacted by nerve, neuromuscular junction and muscle disease, the center also participates in clinical research studies, giving patients access to evolving and investigational therapies.”


Mazen Dimachkie, MD
Professor of Neurology
University of Kansas Medical Center

“The Nerve and Muscle Center of Texas, of Houston-Texas, is led by Dr. Aziz Shaibani, a neuromuscular expert. The Nerve and Muscle Center of Texas offers the full spectrum of expert care to patients with a broad variety of neuromuscular disorders such as ALS, neuropathies, myasthenia gravis and muscle disease. Patients visiting the Center enjoy a stimulating teaching environment through their interactions with Dr. Shaibani and with the rotating residents and medical students from the Baylor College of Medicine. This Center provides unique opportunities for patients to participate in cutting edge and clinically-relevant research in ALS and diabetic neuropathies amongst others.”


David S. Saperstein, M.D.
Co-Director, Peripheral Neuropathy Center
Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center
Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology
University of Arizona College of Medicine
Phoenix, AZ

“Through Dr. Aziz Shaibani’s vision and hard work, the Nerve and Muscle Center of Texas has become a state of the art facility for the diagnosis and management of muscle and nerve disorders. The facilities for diagnostic testing – which include electromyography, neuropathology (nerve, muscle and skin) and autonomic testing – are comprehensive and cutting edge. A wide array of treatments are available at the center, to include intravenous infusion therapies and plasmapheresis. The Nerve and Muscle Center of Texas is also a significant source of education and research. In addition to being an active participant in clinical research, Dr. Shaibani provides teaching to students and physicians throughout the Houston medical system.”